Do you need help understanding German health, insurance and pension schemes?

Maybe you find house contents or private liability insurance too complicated? Or do you even have trouble finding the time to “deal” with these difficult topics and are confused by all the different offers available? Don’t despair! In this case we are here to offer you all the advice necessary to choose which insurance or pension scheme is exactly the right one for you.

This means that we can advise you on what cover you really need and provide you with quotes from all the leading German insurance companies.


Furthermore, we specialize in sorting out a personal pension plan for you, which takes account of any possible tax refunds and any state funding available. If you are self-employed, we could also help you plan your health insurance and any provisions you might wish to make in case of invalidity and liability insurance. Our service also includes helping you make your claims on the insurance companies and amending your contracts if your circumstances change.


For further information please contact:

Amanda Davies 069 706604 or write an E-Mail to ad@frauen-und-geld.de